Nektiu Blockcerts Solution

Digital credentials Issuer based on the Blockcerts Standard

a complete system to issue digital credentials in a blockchain-secured format that is easily shareable and instantly verifiable anywhere in the world.


A new generation of digital credentials offers transformative convenience and security for all stakeholders through the use of open standards and blockchain-based verification.

Improve Efficiency

Blockchain-anchored records use a global decentralized network for verification, which doesn’t require middlemen to send or verify.

Provide Ownership

Empower recipients with permanent digital records they own for a lifetime and verify anywhere.

Prevent Fraud

Make it hard to impersonate records from your organization by signing digital credentials with your organization’s cryptographic signature.

Consistence flow to issue

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  • Create your credential

  • Start an Issuance

  • Invite recipients or add csv batch

  • Approve recipients

  • Issue by batch

Why Use a Blockchain?

Blockchains offer a new public infrastructure for verifying credentials in a manner far more durable, secure, and convenient than relying upon a single authority.

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Join the digital world with Greater Decentralization

As we move from a world of discrete paper repositories to a world of interconnected digital systems, we need official records that are natively digital to reap the full benefits of electronic exchange.

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